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Triethanolamine (TEA)

Triethanolamine, also known as TEA, is one of the ingredients in San Shield Silk Skin Barrier, mainly used to adjust the pH of the product and ensure the acid-base balance of the skin. Here is a more in-depth analysis of its functionalities:


pH Adjuster:

Triethanolamine is widely used as a pH adjuster in skincare products. The natural pH of the skin is slightly acidic, typically ranging from 4 to 6. However, some skincare products may alter the skin’s acid-base balance, making it more alkaline. This can potentially damage the skin barrier, making it more prone to external irritants and bacterial infections. Triethanolamine helps to neutralize the acidity or alkalinity of the product, ensuring its pH is closer to the skin’s natural pH, thus maintaining the skin’s healthy state.



Triethanolamine can also serve as an emulsifier in certain skincare products. Emulsifiers help to blend oil-based and water-based ingredients, creating a stable emulsion or creamy texture. This enhances the spreadability and absorption of the product, improving its overall performance and efficacy.



Triethanolamine has a stabilizing effect on skincare product formulations. It assists in controlling the viscosity and thickness of the product, preventing ingredient separation or sedimentation. This makes the product easier to store, use, and maintains its long-term stability.

While Triethanolamine serves multiple functions in skincare products, its concentration is regulated. High concentrations of Triethanolamine may cause skin irritation and sensitivity reactions, so using it within the appropriate concentration range is crucial. 

Additionally, Triethanolamine can also act as an emulsifier and stabilizer to aid in the blending and stability of product formulations, enhancing the user experience and stability of the product.


It’s important to note that everyone’s reaction to these ingredients may vary. It is recommended to perform a patch test on a small area of skin before using any new product to ensure there are no adverse reactions.